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Some Bad Heating and Cooling Habits You Should Never Do 

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Some Bad Heating and Cooling Habits You Should Never Do 

We all do have bad routines and most of them are really harmless however, not when they adopt these bad habits to their HVAC systems at home or in office. Get rid of the bad HVAC habits and you will create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. The following are some of the bad HVAC habits you should never do: 

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Conducting Major Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

In some instances, DIY home maintenance is great. As a matter of fact, you can clean your house, seal drafts by yourself and change the air filter of your HVAC. However, you should think very carefully about conducting an HVAC maintenance all by yourself.  

Without the right training, skills and experience, you might accidentally damage your unit, compromising your comfort and utility bills. Doing all kinds of electrical work without the right training may also be very risky. Instead of fixing your unit by yourself, consider scheduling routine maintenance appointments with professional, highly-skilled and well-maintained HVAC service provider. 

Power Washing Your HVAC Unit

You come outside your house one morning and see that the outdoor condenser unit is almost covered with crusty grass which the lawnmower spit out. Then, you recall hearing that an uncleaned condenser is bad for energy efficiency, so you decided to spray down the unit and breakout a power washer. 

This is not a very good idea. In addition to that, power washing the outdoor condenser system can damage the coils and cause more danger than good. Just try picking out as much debris you can and set an appointment with a professional HVAC service provider. 

HVAC Upgrades Which Save You Cash

Sometimes you have to spend cash in order to save cash. Investing in your HVAC unit can help reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Some investments may also help your present unit last longer, helping you avoid an entire replacement or even just a simple repair.  

Pushing your Unit Too Hard

During summer months, it can be very tempting to adjust your air conditioning system up to its limits. Unluckily, the more you push your air conditioning unit, the more you place a strain on your unit which can lead to further damage. Thus, you also reduce its energy-saving capacity. If you can just withstand, maintain the thermostat setting to 77 degrees and find some other ways to remain cool. 

The following are some of the HVAC upgrades that needs to be done by the professional HVAC Dayton Ohio service provider: 

Smart Thermostat 

It allows owners to connect to it through the internet. You may adjust the settings of the temperature for maximum comfort and energy efficiency by having the feature to control the thermostat settings from your tablet or smart phone. Also, by turning the thermostat settings down while you are away, you save more energy. 


When your house is not properly insulated, so many air escapes or seeps in. In fact, your HVAC unit has to pull more electricity or gas to cool or heat your home. 

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